We can run your payroll to suit your needs with weekly, fortnightly or monthly payrolls providing you with employee payslips and submission to HMRC and pension providers. Wages and salaries can include CIS deductions and CIS suffered, statutory payments, student loans, benefits and pensions and more.

We will complete end of year submission and P11D/P11Db submissions if required.


If your just starting up in business or looking at taking on employees here some things to consider

We can register you as an employer with HMRC. You will need to do this if you pay employees £120 or more per week they get any of the following paid expenses, benefits, have a pension or have another job. You must however always keep payroll records.

We will advise you on the correct deductions of PAYE, tax and national insurance along with employers national insurance you will need to pay to HMRC and advise when to pay it.

You will also be responsible for running a pension scheme for eligible employees which we can run for you.

As an employer you must give employees

  • A contract or written statement of employment
  • Have employers liability insurance
  • Pay employees at least the national minimum wage
  • Provide statutory minimum paid holiday
  • Pay Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)
  • Pay maternity, paternity and adoption pay and leave
  • Issue payslips showing all deductions
  • Give statutory minimum rest breaks
  • Make sure employees do not work longer than the maximum allowed
  • Consider flexible working requests
  • Provide a safe and secure working environment
  • Make reasonable adjustments to the business premises if your employee is disabled
  • Avoid discrimination

You must follow data protection rules when storing and using personal information.